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Difference between RAW hair and virgin hair

Difference between RAW hair and virgin hair

Virgin Hair                       RAW hair 



Kahmir Collections is 100% RAW hair which is different from virgin hair. 


Virgin hair has been steamed processed which is how it gives texture’s: body wave, deep wave, loose wave, steamed curl, etc. Most virgin hair is from China and its temples are not full with the same texture hair. Instead its scraps of hair that’s pieced together to create a full weft. Some hair from China is also blended with synthetic fibers. Its easy to tell hair is virgin because its processed, meaning its been chemically treated and altered to give a particular shape and all the texture bundles will look alike because the shape is altered to be that texture. 


RAW hair is the HIGHEST QUALITY of hair. It does not come steamed, processed or chemically altered in anyway. Meaning it does not come in textures such as body wave, steamed curl, loose wave, etc.  RAW hair will act just like your real hair growing from your scalp. Its collected from one single donor and it comes in its most natural state, which is not a chemically altered texture. This is why no two bundles will be identically alike. The texture of the hair is solely dependent on the donor sourced, thus RAW hair does come in straight, wave and curly. Just like your real hair could be more straight, wavy or curly at the root. The same applies to RAW hair. 


There is no right or wrong to which hair is better virgin or RAW. However RAW hair overtime is healthier for your hair as its a higher quality and its an investment piece as you’re able to reuse the hair for years. Unlike virgin hair that’s only good for a few months. 


All hair collections offered on Kahmir Collections is only RAW extensions. We’ve also taken things a step further by ONLY offering exclusive origins in our collections. Meaning the hair sourced is directly from the origin listed and most hair boutiques do not source from these regions, as they are costly and harder to obtain. Kahmir Collections prides ourselves on bringing true luxury to our customers with investment pieces as our #1 Goal is to help women feel confident and beautiful through their hair. We source only the highest quality of hair extensions and we promote healthy natural hair by use of protective styles (micro links , installs, wigs, etc). 


Kahmir Collections is bringing you 100% RAW temple- sourced, exclusive hair extensions. We're redefining the way you buy hair. 




Featured products: 


Top picture, shown side by side comparison. Virgin hair- body wave texture to the left. RAW hair- natural wave texture to the right. Both shown in its most natural state. 


Model is wearing- RAW hair our Sultry Wave- SEA Collection

4-28" bundles 

1- 18" closure 


Closure is cut in small layers, to add extra volume. And hair is slightly barrel curled. 

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