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About Us

Slay like the bombshell you are, with Kahmir Collections, 100% RAW exclusive hair extensions. Designed to cater to the everyday classic woman. We want you to feel confident, beautiful and fierce with that voluminous hair you’ve always dreamt about. Kahmir Collections, natural & beautiful just like you.

Our promise to you

Kahmir Collections introduces a new way to look at hair extensions. The current hair extension market is over saturated with expensive hair that only last 2-6 months, is really dry and brittle after color, only looks good with 2 or 3 installs. However at Kahmir Collections our mission is to change that. We’re seeking innovation and pride ourselves on true luxury. Kahmir Collections offers multiple hair collections to fit any occasions and budget! Kahmir Collections is THE definition of investment: giving you the most bang for your buck. We take all the guess work out of hair extension shopping and the mystery of trail and error with the wrong hair companies. We believe customers should experience luxury from start to finish and their only worry should be “Where am I going out tonight after my hair appointment” because trust us once you install your Kahmir Collections Hair it’ll be so gorgeous that you’ll want to show it off.

Sultry wave

Get this look with our sultry wave- SEA Collection. Using 3 bundles.

Model has 2-18” bundles
1-16” bundle
1-16” frontal

Stylist cut a little of the hair to achieve a more layer look. Less then half of the entire 16” bundle was used. However if you would like more fullest please use the entire 16” bundle.

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Get this look using our sultry wave-SEA Collection frontal. Easy to use. Easy to blend. All frontals come as free part. Knots are not bleached. Intended for one time use, if installing. If using to construct a wig multiple uses will be fine.

Model has 1- 18” frontal
2- 18” bundles

All from our sultry wave- SEA Collection

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About Sultry wave

Our Sultry wave- SEA Collection is low luster, extremely versatile and easy to maintain. Directly sourced from South East Asia. Course texture, not fine, with a very slight wave. A natural wave. Bundles are thick and full from top to bottom. Sealed wefts. Minimal shedding. Very soft and luxurious. Hair 100% RAW no two bundles are exactly identical. Hair is unprocessed. No synthetic fibers. Comes in natural color (between #1, #1A, #1B). Each bundle weighs about 3.0oz-4.0oz. Comes from one single donor with cuticles intact.


Do not sleep on wet hair. For a very pretty wave pattern try flexi rods at night. Hair does not require a lot of maintenance nor products. As product build up will cause hair to be weighed down. Use natural hair products only: sulfate free, no parabens. Co-wash bi-weekly. Once wet it will revert back to its natural state. Can last for over 2 years with proper maintenance and care. Hair can be colored however we highly recommend professional coloring only. If hair is colored it requires constant moisture as to not dry our hair. Our favorite products to use on this hair to keep its great condition: As I am co-wash. Biosilk